Pump Centrifugal Vertical MCM

Vertical centrifugal pumps MCM has the highest quality materials and well-designed assembly, so this provide reliability and long life and allow vertical centrifugal pumps MCM withstand extreme working conditions. The housing and impeller pumps are reinforced in parts with increased wear. Vertical centrifugal pumps MCM as well as spare parts are completely interchangeable with pumps Mission®, Harrisburg®, Demco®, Mattco® and Halco®.

A vertical centrifugal pump MCM is a vertical pump unit assembly with an engine, clutch, a pump, and the base frame. The frame is mounted on the base around the pump. The engine mounted on the frame. The shaft passes through the engine mount. The clutch is installed between the motor shaft and the pump shaft. When connecting motor and pump, adapter and rubber elastic coupling are used there. Three mounting arms are fixed on frame and base, while one arm is removable. To remove the pump for repair or replacement pull out a removable arm from the frame, so pump is disconnected from base. Engine can also be independently removed from the pump. In both cases clutch allows easily disconnect pump shaft from motor shaft.

Application area


Vertical centrifugal pumps MCM are widely used in agriculture, sewage treatment plants, for supplying water for utilities, on drilling rigs and so on.

Features of Vertical Centrifugal Pump MCM

  •      dismountable pump unit; pump or motor may be removed for service independently;
  •      electric capacity 20-150 l / s (TEFC or explosion-proof type) domestic or imported;
  •      base is designed with a t-shaped or elbow connecting suction line;
  •      small mounting surface area, 28x28 "(71,2 x 71,2 cm);
  •      available sizes 3x2x13 - 8x6x14;
  •      mechanical seal without leakage;
  •      pressure up to 200 PSI (13,78 bar);
  •      pump capacity up to 2500 gallons per minute (9463 n / m);
Vertical Centrifugal Pump MCM and spares are interchangeable with Mission Vertical Magnum Pump.


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Note!  ZAO TECHIMPORT supplies Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps.

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