Porta Lab Kit TECH2018 for demulsifier efficiency evaluation

 Porta Lab Kit TECH2018 is used for evaluation of demulsifier efficiency in field conditions. It makes possible to perform correct selection of demulsifying agents and test their application. This laboratory kit improves labour productivity by allowing to conduct analysis with user’s resources directly on site.

Efficiency of demulsifier is understood as it’s demulsifying ability, which is classified by used amount of agent, quality of prepared oil (content of remained chloride salts, water and mechanical impurities), minimal temperature and oil settling time.

The more efficient demulsifier is, the more it lowers durability of armour layer. Efficient demulsifying agent makes demulsification more intensive as well.

Laboratory kit includes all necessary laboratory equipment and utensils. All equipment is placed in ergonomic plastic cases, which ensures easy transportation and operation.





MWB5 Waterbath, 5 l, +25 -   +100С

1 pc.

Hettich ЕВА200 Centrifuge 8*15 ml, 6000 rpm

1 pc.

BIOHIT Dosators: 5-50 mcl, 20-200 mcl, 100-1000 mcl with tips and  rack

3 pcs.

Glass vial with crimp cap, 100 ml

20 pcs.

Rack for  20 glass vials    

1 pc.

Centrifuge tubes, Falcon type(15 ml/50 pcs/unit).

1 unit.

Graduated glass,   РР,  500 ml 

2 pcs.

Graduated glass,   РР,  100 ml 

2 pcs.

Measuring cylinder 2-250-2 with cap, 250 ml

2 pcs.

Measuring cylinder 2-100-2 с with cap,   100 ml

2 pcs.

Transportation case





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