PVT System The Model 3000


Studies of fluids thermophysical properties (especially of reservoir fluids), such as phase behavior, density and viscosity, have expanded into a wide range of mixtures and chemicals analysis. Chandler Fluid Technology equipment was originally developed by Ruska company, a world leading supplier of PVT mercury equipment since 1945. In 1987 Ruska launched a development program to remove mercury form laboratories and automatize facilities via computer control. First system was developed in 1989, and dozens of them have been supplied to customers around the world since then. Ruska phase behavior system is the most renowned PVT analysis system both in the USA and international scientific laboratories.

Design principles

System Model 3000 has a module design with two cells. One of many advantages of that design type is improved accuracy.  Due to its greater sensitivity, Model 3000 measures phase volume  more accurate than single cell systems. Analytical measurements are performed by positioning of phase interface on the reference position on a sapphire window. Window’s inner diameter is only 0,3 cm, which provides sensitivity of  0,07 cm3/cm. System with single window of 2,5 cm inner diameter has  4,9 cm3/cm sensitivity – 70 times less, than Model 3000.

Remote computer control processes all incoming/outcoming data and controls user interface and communications. Model 3000 includes LabView operating platform with Ruska software system, specifically designated for saturated vapor pressure, viscosity and remote control. This development provides an amazing versatility and multiple software functions.

Module design type of Model 3000 allows to install extra devices, such as capillary viscometer,  electromagnetic viscometer, in-line density meter, acoustic analyzer of phase transitions, windowed gas condensate cell, valve for samples, etc., which can be installed during  purchase, or later on, if required. Following upgrade of the components can be added to system without changing of the whole section. Maintenance works are also easier to conduct.

The study of thermo-physical properties of fluids such as phase behavior, density, viscosity, etc. under varying conditions of pressure, temperature and volume is commonly known as PVT studies. The Model 3000 PVT System is a precision instrument used to perform PVT studies on a variety of fluids with a special emphasis on those fluids typically encountered in petroleum reservoirs. Types of studies commonly conducted with a Model 3000 PVT System include:

  • Oil Analysis / Recombined Fluid
  • Oil Analysis / Capillary Viscosity
  • Oil Analysis / Capillary Viscosity / Density
  • Oil Analysis / Solids Detection
  • Oil Analysis / Gas-Condensate Analysis
  • Gas-Condensate / Low GOR
  • Gas-Condensate / High GOR
  • Chemical and Solvent Evaluation

Our PVT systems are mercury-free, more capable and easier to use. Computer-based data acquisition and control software makes is easy to set-up and perform PVT tests while electronically logging key test data. Chandler Engineering’s PVT products have been the world’s leading line of PVT equipment since 1945. The Model 3000 PVT Phase Behavior System is the most widely accepted analytical (PVT) system in both domestic and international scientific laboratories.


  • Mercury-Free Design
  • Computer Controlled Data Logging
  • Visual Phase Boundary Detection in Both Oil and Gas Condensate Studies
  • Large Cell Volumes
  • Flexible Configuration for Various Studies
  • Optional Modules for Measuring Density, Viscosity and Solid Precipitation
  • Designed for Operator Safety


 Maximum Operating Pressures
           Pump Cell 15,000 psi / 104 MPa
           Auxiliary Cell:
           Gas Condensate Cell 20,000 psi / 138 MPa
           Floating-Piston Cell 15,000 psi / 104 MPa
           Mini Cell 15,000 psi / 104 MPa
Maximum Operating Temperature 400°F / 204°C
Pressure Accuracy 0.1 % of Full Scale
Cell Volumes (approximate)
          Pump Cell 400 cm3
          Gas Condensate Cell 1000 cm3
          Floating-Piston Cell 600 or 1600 cm3
          Mini Cell 100 cm3
Volume Accuracy 0.1 cm3
Liquid Condensate Volume Accuracy ± 0.01 cm3
Temperature Regulation ± 0.5°C
Environmental Requirements 60°F to 104°F / 15°C to 40°C 20% to 90% RH, non-condensing


Power Requirements 220-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 phase, 25 A (6000 Watts) Max.
Dimensions (wxdxh) 51 x 38 x 95 in. / 130 x 97 x 241 cm not including external pump.
Gross Weight approx.1350 lb / 610 kg, not including optional modules or external equipment

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