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TECHIMPORT Has Supplied and Installed a Dynamic UPS for Data Processing Centre in the Territory of Uralkali

Processing Centre in the Territory of Uralkali

TECHIMPORT has successfully finished a project for Uralkali. Our company has supplied and installed a dynamic UPS for data processing center. The dynamic UPS has been chosen for a number of reasons:

  • Not enough free space in the data processing center housing
  • Increased demands for power supply reliability
  • A need for the long term power supply from the back-up power source
  • Lack of capacity at existing substation
  • Electric grid’s filtering

To solve the problem it was decided to use the dynamic UPS, with capacity of 200 kVA in container execution. Container with the equipment is installed outside in a close proximity to the customer. Using dynamic UPS instead of the UPS with chemical accumulator allows:

  • To reject using of air conditioning system, which significantly reduces electricity consumption. Also it didn’t require additional substation capacity;
  • To power not only the servers, but also air conditioning system, as the dynamic UPS can also power asynchronous motors;
  • To install the UPS outside, in a close proximity to the customer;
  • To get rid of bad electricity quality, as dynamic UPS filters electricity mains and levels off harmonics
  • To simplify the maintenance, as the diesel power plant and UPS are combined.

To accumulate energy, in dynamic UPS is used an energy of moving body – a flywheel. While the main is in operational condition, the flywheel spins with a synchronous generator and accumulate kinetic energy. As soon as outages occur, the flywheel continues to spin, maintaining the synchronous generator rotation. Thus, the load is always supplied.

While the flywheel is rotating, diesel motor starts working, in 2-3 seconds the synchronous generator turns on. Since this, the dynamic UPS works in independent mode which resembles a usual power plant.

When accumulator and diesel power plant are united into a dynamic UPS, this gives an opportunity to save occupied space.

What is more, dynamic UPS has the ability to backup capacity up to 18 MW and reservation of low and medium voltage.


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